“My professional career has been about helping people stand up for themselves so they can get what they truly want out of life,” says Wendy Wolff. Whether it’s been guiding folks into developing advocacy skills to use for their communities, or helping them succeed in their careers, or find strength and peace in their personal lives, she says: “I want to raise people up so they can have what they want and deserve.”

Wendy’s work has been life changing for a diverse array of people spanning, parents, teens, kids, young adults, high-risk communities, worker’s rights organizations, and in the realm of career coaching. Her advocacy work has grown fluidly, from being a meeting facilitator for non-profits helping streamline decision processes and cumbersome bureaucracy; to grant writing; to leveraging relationships for strategic outcomes.

Parallel to this, she’s guided others through painfully complex personal life changes and inspired and advised people in their professional pursuits. To each project she brings a bedrock two-decade career in all realms of advocacy, along with her humility, sensitivity, and uplifting personal growth perspective to ensure profound change.