Executive Coaching

Supporting executives with leading inspired, conscious businesses.

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Clients remember their inner gifts with Wendy

Wendy called out my core roadblock to success…in 15 minutes. Given her insightful feedback, I have been “owning” that I am, indeed, an expert in my field. It was fairly profound to receive that reflection in a mere 15 minute session. I’ve been able to continue to rebrand myself, in a way that would not have been possible without working together. I can only imagine what growth is possible having a full session! Or working on-going! Can’t wait to share my expert self with the world. Thanks, Wendy!


A Generous Mirror

Wendy's coaching genuinely spotlights the brilliance within the hearts and minds of her clients. She acts as a generous mirror reflecting back the wisdom that she sees. Sign up for a 15 minute sample session with Wendy!