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Teach Youth: The Simple Keys to Personal Freedom.

The majority of the adult nation teaches youth that the fundamentals of achieving a happy, successful adult life begins with getting a good education, going to college, acquiring a high-paying job, and thus having a secure future. While these are all extremely valid aspects leading towards success, there are a few significant contributions to include on the list.

Spend time early and often, teaching youth the keys to unlocking personal freedom which strengthen our resilient nature. Instead of utilizing academic achievement as the primary, significant indicator of future success, develop a wide range of strategies to uncover the talents of every child/teen and help them to use those gifts in their daily lives. Encourage greatness for everyone rather than allowing failure for some. Discover talents, new ways of learning, and incredible skills that are hidden underneath the canopy of trying to fit into the systematic methods of “the way we have always done things”.

The concept of failure helps no one and hurts those who fall in the category. Those who fail become scared and stuck, often having to climb over extreme obstacles in order to beat the systematic limitation that was developed FOR them.

The adult nation is limiting the next generation by not purposefully pointing out that The Simple Keys to Personal Freedom are equally as important for a healthy, high-quality future. Garnering gobs of money gives you freedom, yes. However, being rich in ability and personal power is just as impactful.

What can you do to help children and teens create lives that are full of meaning and splendor? Use the following list as a guide.

Contribution: uncovering your true gift and your role in contributing to the greater good.

Involvement: get yourself involved in something worthwhile early on. Learning an instrument, experimenting with arts and science, becoming proficient in a language, volunteering for a good cause and/or committing to a sport may assist you in developing creativity and enhancing your brain.

Self Love: figuring out how to unconditionally be your own best supporter and teacher.

Learning: listening to life's lessons when they are presented to you the first (and possibly second time), learning from the example and moving on.

Visualization: understanding how to imagine the life you want specifically and immediately.

Believing is Seeing: It is not the other way around. You have to believe the good first before you will see it.

Eliminating Fear: Disallow any fear from holding you back. Recognize the strangle hold that fear has held on you. Work towards eliminating it completely when it appears.

Faith: believing in a connection to all living beings and the spark of creation inside all of us.

Letting go: Knowing how to let go of anything that holds you back and keeps you down.

Spread Love: the highest form of energy to share is love even when your emotions are running high. Look to see the good in the person in front of you. Develop a daily practice giving and receiving loving thoughts.

Best of luck to us.



Photo credit: www.flickr.com/photo/mara_earthlight