The Love Portal - September 24, 2019 at 8:11am

Its all around us

And collects in an everlasting pool

Around our hearts

A portal of love

Step through, I faintly hear

Why don’t you, is whispered

Did you know that you were love?

That we all are?

I know our eyes mist over with the visible desperation and destruction

Yet still

You are love

They are love

It is Love

But how?

And why?

With what proof?

The wounds question

Shh, I hear whispered

Need not pay mind to the false power of disbelief

You have felt love

If only for a fleeting moment

You have engaged with its magical elixir


With someone

Who looks and feels like home

In its comforting perfection

I am sure

Love can never hurt

It can only heal

Step through

Why don't you?