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Until We Achieve Our Missions

In the nonprofit sector there will always be something critical to deal with.

Things will always feel pressing and more important than the very last action you just took.

You will long for the day when you can casually sip coffee on a Wednesday morning and easily mull over your to do list with a sense of lightness. You may strive for this moment every day as you knock things off your to do list with the swish of your yellow highlighter. And while this will bring you one step closer to the possibility of serenity, you remain equally farther away.

It's really an impossible task.

At least it is for us as we diligently try to change the world with never enough funding and the challenge of those who govern us holding volunteer positions of extreme importance.

Living with less urgency is simply not possible. Until we achieve our missions, that is. So instead of nearing towards anxiety, depression and possible heart failure, I offer us a suggestion. As we continue the days with the same ferocious intensity to save the world and the community in which we all reside---let's alter our perspective. Instead of the impossible to win, never ending race in search of the days in which we are operating at maximum capacity with our in boxes filled to brim, try to dig deep and remember why you are here.

There is magic in the work that you do. But if you can no longer breathe deeply and are feeling continually frantic it is time to build in a pause and remember. Remember that in caring for others, you must care for yourself as well.

There is always something else to do. It's true--you could work every waking minute from dawn to dusk and there will always be something of equal importance to handle. We are in the business of healing humanity. This is a HUGE job and the task lists are long and continuous. Have clarity that YOU simply are your best when you have proper sleep, a decent meal and interests that create the whole you. The whole you needs care or you can't care for anyone else.

And yes, I'm talking to me too.

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