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Walking in Peace - A Simple Hope for the New Year

Today I hope that we begin our new year with finding and practicing serenity. My intention is that we, as a collective work on walking together-in peace. Everywhere we go and in every situation. Let us set a peaceful existence for ourselves and actively remind ourselves to radiate peace. It takes intention. It takes practice. And then it becomes effortless.

Where do you find yourself most filled with peace? Is it somewhere you have been fortunate enough to visit or is it a vision of somewhere luxurious? Wherever it is your day to be there. Finding serenity and peace has the purpose of allowing us to tap into what keeps us calm, connected, and reassured amidst the contrast of the human experience.

Make the commitment to be in serenity today. Spend a few minutes finding a picture of something that brings you instant peace. Keep that close by. Sit with the photo and breathe in as you say Love and breathe out Peace. All you need is 2 minutes to recalibrate your system. Repeat often. Be intentional and commit to this personal gift of grace.

Remind yourself that today is your day for personal peace and serenity. For the next 24 hours it is all there for you. Say, "Wait. I'm in peace today. I don't need to engage. I am in serenity." Use your deep breathing to really be there. Let go and be filled with peace for yourself, your process and for the rest of us.

When the stressors persist and they will---remember your commitment to yourself and for today use your breath, your words and your vision of serenity to make life easier. When you fall into traps, gently remind yourself that every mistake is another chance for learning. These are your moments, friends. Let's use them wisely together.

Hugs, love and a deep sense of gratitude for walking this journey with you.