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A Letter to Change Your (our) World.

Dear Everyone---Everywhere,

We are here to be amazing and do fabulous things.

Yes. There is such a thing as the Law of Attraction. It exists and is very real.

Yes. Your thoughts attract things. Good or bad, positive or negative. What you express comes to you.

Yes. Good thoughts (without any disbelief) attract good things.

Yes. Good thoughts (with some disbelief) attract good things with a touch of negative.

Yes. Bad thoughts attract negative things. It’s just part of the law.

Yes. Things that are meant for you to do, feel truly wonderful.

Yes. Things that are not meant for you to do, feel yucky.

Ways to enhance thinking and receiving GOOD things.

* Meditate daily to get closer to your natural state of being without your inner critic shouting what you can’t do.

* There is a BIG difference between your inner CRITIC and your inner VOICE. The critic comes from your mind, your voice comes from your heart.

* The more you silence your mind, the closer you become to YOUR GOODNESS.

* Use breathing to quiet your inner critic and amplify your inner voice. Inhale Love---Exhale Love.


Be in that beautiful space where you and only you exist. Make this a priority. Once there---celebrate! And practice living in that space.

We all rely on each other to be our absolute best.

Simply be yours.