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It's Easy to Throw In the Towel

It is easy to throw in the towel on your dream.

Day after day we talk ourselves out of the possibilities of what should be. We take many actions, receive a few bites of confirmation and the cycle continues. We are impatient, we get tired, and it becomes much easier to give in to the way of non-believing. The incessant chatter that accompanies the journey is what taunts us to stop. It is mean spirited and says nasty things. It heckles us to keep living a small, comfortable life envious of anyone who has made it past the shallow water into the deep end of the pool. It is easier to give in to the internal sneering-- than to persevere.

I know, because I am there.

Good things do happen. Every day that we take action whether big or little, there is a result. It is may not be a huge outcome in which the whole world is clamoring to read and own a copy of your book. However, a small one might involve a single Twitter follower telling you that she wrote a letter on her sister’s 65th birthday sharing 65 things she adores about her. Or the letter from the 15-year-old girl who read your book and immediately felt her life change so she wrote you a letter to share her good news. These are small in number but so very substantial to the person who experiencing them. We remind ourselves that each and every comment keeps us focused on creating more world-changers. We read and re-read them knowing that we are here to let everyone know that they are supposed to do great things. We keep notebooks of these accomplishments that are small to humanity but enormous to the person experiencing them. It helps us overcome the glaring incongruity between the minuscule changes that are occurring and the dream of 150,000+ reading the book and remembering to shine brightly. While the disbeliever inside torments us to throw in the towel, we don’t.

I don’t.

I look for signs that I'm on the right path. I force myself to sit at my desk and do something; anything to bring me closer to that dream. I remind myself that I refuse to quit five minutes before the miracle occurs and that there is someone out there waiting to be part of my tipping point. There is just no other way.

Keep moving. Don’t stop. Today you are one step closer.

I believe in you. Love, Wendy