What Matters To You?

If I asked you what matters to you, what might you say?

To have a good job, money in the bank, a decent home, kids are safe and happy, and everyone is healthy? Is that everything?

Now, go deeper than that.

How do all of those things that matter to you get manifested? How do you create the framework for achieving the end results that sincerely and earnestly matter to you? In my heart, when all is quiet---what matters to me?

Think. Go deeper. Keep asking the question. Be patient for the answer will come with time, because it lies submerged below the obvious.

How do I as the stranger in your world impact what matters to you?

There might seem to be no simple connection as I do not live in your community, share your grocery store or even travel the roads on which you commute. Yet, we share so much---and all of it matters.

We share the norms that our young children embrace as they use those lessons on their path through-out life. Together and in our own separate worlds, all of our children learn that being unkind is a part of growing up and at some point a great percentage of our children are tormented by other children who share those same norms.

Does that matter to you?

Experiment with me. Let’s become connected.

Teach your children regardless of their age that the skill of emanating kindness is as valuable as securing a bright future. Examine teaching all of our children to be mindful, to truly understand how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors impact the world around them. Imagine for twenty seconds what the world would look like if children entering the group dynamic understood that their every action is connected and that being kind was more important than being the best.

Imagine that.

Shouldn't it should matter to everyone?