Words: Expressing Gloom or Beauty?

Never let your word patterns stop you from revealing your beautiful self.

Words express everything. They are an introduction to you. Your words become a shield of sorts: publicly and privately. What you say in the company of others forms their opinion of you. What you murmur to yourself in the quiet of the night means something.

Our elders teach us, think before you speak. Yet it is merely beyond thinking.

Over the years we string words together cautiously or carelessly. We find ways to get through the day and sometimes adopt phrases to get through trying times. The expressions often get repeated enough so our brains use them without our permission. We do this as we drive, rush about the house, and while gazing at our beautiful souls in the mirror.

The moment that we curse someone for accidentally cutting us off on the road is not simply a matter of thought but of pattern. A pattern we have established over the years that comes naturally with a fight or flight response. When we have uttered, I’m so ugly, a thousand times our brains learn the phrase as if it is one we love and cherish. it then repeats it to us as an unconscious reminder at any relevant time. Flashing about the house in a flurry, pointing out all of the things that are not done on your way to work repeating over and over how busy you are will not reduce your heart rate and bring peace. It plainly establishes another string of words repeated during our daily routines that continues the feeling of living in chaos.

Strings of words--- never disappear.

We believe that they are gone the instant that they are bellowed. But they loom about deciding where to land. And, there are two possible locations: back on you or on someone else.

Words spoken become small bits of intention placed outside of the safety of your mind.

Start right now in this immediate second. Decide to change your word patterns. Become aware of the words you select to represent your life. Review the phrases you mutter in the privacy of your home. Do they create joy? Recognize how emotions cause reactions with sharp tongues and strong words. Is it possible to adopt a new string of words to replace the poisonous ones?

I believe yes.