Its all around us

And collects in an everlasting pool

Around our hearts

A portal of love

Step through, I faintly hear

Why don’t you, is whispered

Did you know that you were love?

That we all are?

I know our eyes mist over with the visible desperation and destruction

Yet still

You are love

They are love

It is Love

But how?

And why?

With what proof?

The wounds question

Shh, I hear whispered

Need not pay mind to the false power of disbelief

You have felt love

If only for a...


Inside of our hearts lies a connection to all that is good and pure. It is where the divine, god, infinite source resides. It’s is where we are all connected. There is no worry, consideration, question about it because it simply is. It is abundant, kind, unlimited, passionate, joyous. It is both you and I.

See your inner light radiate through your heart space and fill your entire body shooting out through your fingertips, soles of your feet and head. Be the light. Breathe into it as it swirls around your body.



be the light...

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Today I hope that we begin our new year with finding and practicing serenity. My intention is that we, as a collective work on walking together-in peace. Everywhere we go and in every situation. Let us set a peaceful existence for ourselves and actively remind ourselves to radiate peace. It takes intention. It takes practice. And then it becomes effortless.

Where do you find yourself most filled with peace? Is it somewhere you have been fortunate enough to visit or is it a vision of somewhere luxurious? Wherever it is...today is your day to be there. Finding serenity and peace...

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In the nonprofit sector there will always be something critical to deal with.

Things will always feel pressing and more important than the very last action you just took.

You will long for the day when you can casually sip coffee on a Wednesday morning and easily mull over your to do list with a sense of lightness. You may strive for this moment every day as you knock things off your to do list with the swish of your yellow highlighter. And while this will bring you one step closer to the possibility of serenity, you remain equally farther away.

It's really an...

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Greg's work speaks for itself. He emulates a special sense of kindness and caring while demonstrating the critical functions of acting as a leader. Read and follow Greg as he helps to make the world a better place. Greg is a #worldchanger.

Leaders Say What Needs to Be Said, By Greg Richardson

There are times when we want our leaders to speak for us. We expect leaders to be insightful and articulate, to know what to say and to say it well. There are leaders from history whose words still speak to us, and for us.

We hope our leaders will be able to put ideas and feelings...

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It is easy to throw in the towel on your dream.

Day after day we talk ourselves out of the possibilities of what should be. We take many actions, receive a few bites of confirmation and the cycle continues. We are impatient, we get tired, and it becomes much easier to give in to the way of non-believing. The incessant chatter that accompanies the journey is what taunts us to stop. It is mean spirited and says nasty things. It heckles us to keep living a small, comfortable life envious of anyone who has made it past the shallow water into the deep end of the pool. It is easier...

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Dear Everyone---Everywhere,

We are here to be amazing and do fabulous things.

Yes. There is such a thing as the Law of Attraction. It exists and is very real.

Yes. Your thoughts attract things. Good or bad, positive or negative. What you express comes to you.

Yes. Good thoughts (without any disbelief) attract good things.

Yes. Good thoughts (with some disbelief) attract good things with a touch of negative.

Yes. Bad thoughts attract negative things. It’s just part of the law.

Yes. Things that are meant for you to do, feel truly...

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Help create a vibrant culture of kindness among our youth.

According to national trend data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there has been continual, steady increase among adolescents considering and attempting suicide since 2009 (CDC, 2013).[i]

Why in the world is this happening to our beautiful children?

The same data shares that between 2009 and 2013, there has been a steady increase in...

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Select pen. Choose who you will write to. Grab paper. Find quiet space. Think of that person. Connect with them. Write words that come from your heart. Place in envelope. Put address and stamp on outside. Place in mailbox for delivery. Make someone happy. Feel good.

Wendy's 5th Birthday

The nightmare my mother experienced after my sister was killed in a tragic accident by a runaway car whose driver fell asleep at the wheel was harrowing. In less than a minute her first born daughter/best friend was gone. Living felt impossible, but she did it.

Immediately after Donna's funeral, my mother never returned home. She moved in with Donna's family to help them heal. For months she had the distraction of helping her grandsons but that was only temporary. Mom eventually had to return to her life and was again destroyed when she went home to the deafening...


If I asked you what matters to you, what might you say?

To have a good job, money in the bank, a decent home, kids are safe and happy, and everyone is healthy? Is that everything?

Now, go deeper than that.

How do all of those things that matter to you get manifested? How do you create the framework for achieving the end results that sincerely and earnestly matter to you? In my heart, when all is quiet---what matters to me?

Think. Go deeper. Keep asking the question. Be patient for the answer will come with time, because it lies submerged below the...


Never let your word patterns stop you from revealing your beautiful self.

Words express everything. They are an introduction to you. Your words become a shield of sorts: publicly and privately. What you say in the company of others forms their opinion of you. What you murmur to yourself in the quiet of the night means something.

Our elders teach us, think before you speak. Yet it is merely beyond thinking.

Over the years we string words together cautiously or carelessly. We find ways to get through the day and sometimes adopt phrases to get through trying...

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The majority of the adult nation teaches youth that the fundamentals of achieving a happy, successful adult life begins with getting a good education, going to college, acquiring a high-paying job, and thus having a secure future. While these are all extremely valid aspects leading towards success, there are a few significant contributions to include on the list.

Spend time early and often, teaching youth the keys to unlocking personal freedom which strengthen our resilient nature. Instead of utilizing academic achievement as the primary, significant indicator of future success,...

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After reading the article titled, Restaurant Manager Writes Touching Open Letter To Mother Of Autistic Child in the online edition of Business Insider, I found myself with an intense desire to want to drive to the establishment where you work and shake your hand.

What a BRILLIANT move on your part. Not only did you create a huge sense of relief for this mom as she probably finds herself in a constant fight with the world, but you provided an incredible lesson for all of the people around...